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Follow in our Footsteps.... and Help Us Along the Way....

We are searching for Hindi or Tibetan speaking Foreigners who have the same inspiration as we do to save the extinction of these plants and the wisdom that they carry.

People who have a love for mountaineering and hiking will be useful to seek out already existing medicinal plant farms, to photograph and document them, measure them, and interview the owners. This data will be crucial for us to be able to keep tabs on what herbs are being grown sustainably, so that we can support these farmers, and make sure that their medicine gets into the right hands, and bought at a premium rate. Experience in botany or taxonomy would come in extra handy.

Also, people who have experience in Asian healing modalities or herbalism such as Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, Chinese medicine, etc. would be of great help when we open our first Dunagiri Mountain Clinic in Sankri Block. This clinic will function as a way for all the local Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Practitioners) to unite their experience under one roof, as we will document their formulas through case study, and monitor the villagers who are receiving treatment. If you Volunteer here, you will be able to apprentice with some of these Vaidyas and get hands on training in regards to these high altitude medicinals.

As we know, the War on Herbs is happening in the West, making it extremely difficult to sell these natural medicines. Our case studies will eventually turn into Substantiation files, which will in turn be submitted to the FDA to get approval to make the claims that these herbs are medicines, and they work!

Please Contact Us if you feel you are qualified to Volunteer for these positions, it may one day turn into a Paying Job....

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